Some local portal to carry out free tasting activity feeling

many local portals have launched free tasting activities, and has long been carried out. Carry out various forms of a variety of activities under the line is the local website based on the book, a good place for members of the website will not lack of exciting activities under the line. I was in operation in Tuyun circle net also carry out regular activities for free tasting, free tasting activities have experience, the following relevant free tasting events to talk about my feelings.

I always think, free tasting activities can bring three benefits to the website: popularity, down to earth, promote feelings. (1): delicacy poly popularity has been a fascinating topic, women and children like, generally local websites in section and click rate are popular delicacy is high. To engage in free tasting activities, namely to meet part of the site also let the chowhound breath, when looking for the delicacy delicacy web browsing enthusiasts found a nice hotel restaurant, accidentally found that always let people have the urge to try. So we often see, if the number of words to carry out free tasting activities to enroll in always a lot, which can have a glimpse of its powerful charm. Although food is a local website to attract popularity magic weapon, but I personally think that relying on food, profit margins are not large. (2) down to earth: must cooperate with the local catering businesses carry out free samples to participate in activities, free samples are local members of the free tasting activity is a very down to earth activities. Many successful operations place, the portal predecessors have always stressed that the site to ground gas, ground gas, because only ground gas site, the site has a strong vitality. (3) promote emotion: many local portals adopt the form of "front door + back forum". Members of the forum in the exchange for a long time, or in the website of the official Q group chat happily, on the cable to know the desire to make friends. To carry out free tasting activities can make the line to meet members of the site, which makes the emotion exchange website member, make people feel that the site is a real warm platform, greatly improve member loyalty to the website.

there are some website operators worried that my website popularity is not high enough, talk about free tasting activities catering businesses will cooperate? That I had. When I first engage in free tasting, because the site just on the line, no visibility, I pay the membership to a national chain store free tasting Hot pot. The online registration of more than 10 people, to the activities of the day when they dare to try to eat 5 people, such activities before the operation of other people think it is a bit shy, this activity I dig 400 yuan. When I get back, I think it’s not going to work. Most of the webmaster is at the beginning of the business, not what money, please do not engage in long-term membership free tasting things. Even if the site has financial support, such activity is unhealthy. A valid activity should be the website, the consumer, the merchant all has the participation, but is not one side’s one-man show. Website popularity is not high, business does not cooperate, this is a thorny problem. The process of running business >

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