Website profit is the last word

in recent days, I received several telephone calls from people saying, "why the website does not open, I wonder at the time, was afraid of the Internet to check, found money online is normal. The last question to call people know, they call accounting networks account before using it, suddenly a few days ago, do not go, and then through the search to find the money online, because online banking customers by comparison in GOOGLE and Baidu keyword ranking, mistakenly think that they had money online journal website.

account as pull money online counterparts, I don’t want to see them once again closed, because accounting for 08 years mid pull on for some reason had suddenly closed once, and later won hundreds of thousands of angel investment, has reopened. Pull off the bookkeeping money online is the biggest blow. Pull off because the accounting impact of a large number of love accounting people, these Zhangke started to have a fear of bookkeeping website. With the media coverage of customer accounts and bookkeeping, resulting in the number of members of the network of accounting prices, customer accounts number is also rising, brought huge operating costs, increase the number of customer accounts is not necessarily a good thing, many networks account are at a loss, an increase in the number of customer accounts means increased operating costs. With the impact of the financial crisis, the day of the bookkeeping network is even worse.

online bookkeeping network is a very promising network application tool, but there is no successful model for foreign record keeping network, so the domestic accounting network has not found a successful profit model. Naturally, the earnings of the bookkeeping network are very difficult, and there is no model of successful foreign cases, only to cross the river by feeling the stones.

08 years, I contacted many VC, I finally wake up a little "off-line profit before things the hard truth". So in the 09 new year’s money online, launched VIP services, began to try to profit way. Because only profit, can maintain the stable development of the website, can launch new function, perfect service, improve service quality, etc.. But many members do not understand, I firmly believe that China’s network will be in the direction of charges.

when writing this article, also received a personal phone, said his data can not find, that our website changed, often several times repeatedly confirmed that he is China customer accounts, members of the network, and mistakenly believe that the money online is China account customer network.

the truth about the outage in China’s accounts network:

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