Two points about the local forum

recently, I finally settled down. I got a local forum, so I need to keep a record of it. My own practices prevent future forgetting of.

first: a lot of people have taken. Is desperately to QQ friends there hair. This although soil. But really. Can attract a lot of popularity,.

second: their registered N MJ, opening a topic, transform MJ continue to discuss this topic, I will own MJ divided into two sides. One side is the side support is against it. I tried. As long as the topic is enough to attract people, or to attract others. Their message is a play the oboe very tired of living. Always think about how to answer to scold oneself tired


third: member upload pictures, I will find my understanding of the beauty, then is not local. Because I know she will not come to our forum, so this was not afraid. Haha. Beauty will always attract a large number of the lady-killer view.

fourth: the next thing do, Baidu, a local forum. What good answer is then by myself, of course. He is a local Forum web site. This does not need me to say it.

because the local forum has just opened, so there are many have not yet done, and so on. I will send


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