Analysis why is the site included but no traffic

hard to build a station, in order to create a certain amount of benefits through the site; and to create benefits, you must have a certain flow. Perhaps you every day insist on site is updated every day, you may persist in the construction of external links, although the website is search engine included a few pages, there are a lot of keywords also received a certain rank, but the site through a search engine over the flow has been scanty, this is what causes? The author is engaged in website optimization for three years, according to past experience, caused by the site contains no flow phenomenon, usually the following reasons:

1. website content originality is insufficient,

has been advocating original text for a long time, because only highly original content can win the favor of search engines. Of course, for some website optimization just joined the newcomers, may not realize the importance of original content, in view of their understanding of the industry is still shallow, plus itself is not good at writing, so I copied some excellent industry site content, some content may temporarily be indexed by search engines, but otherwise how long will be delete search engine included. Over time, most of the content of the site is copied from other people’s content, search engines will think that this is a worthless garbage site, will not be given to show, serious may be K station.

2. page theme is not centralized,

page theme is not concentrated, but also lead to no traffic flow of one of the incentives. Typically, displaying a large number of keywords and recommending things that are not relevant to the current topic of the page can cause the topic of the page to be non focused. Take the website home page, usually set keywords within the 5 should be set too many keywords, will only lead to weight spread, in the end all keywords can get good rankings; look at the product page, recommend embedding related products in the product page, help to get more products, at the same time to a certain extent, enhance the user experience, on the contrary, the product page is embedded in the relevant news recommendation is not good, it will cause great differences between page elements, which will disperse the weight of the page. In the above two cases, we should try our best to avoid the layout of the website.

3. unhealthy chain system

chain for the emperor, said there is the role of the chain can not be ignored. Weekdays, we in the construction of Web site outside the chain, do not blindly pursue quantity, and ignore the quality. A website, if filled with the low quality of the chain and the high quality of the chain is very few, it may also cause the website does not flow to a certain extent; a site outside the chain, if the form is too simple, can only create a healthy system of the chain, the search engine does not give site traffic is also reasonable. Comprehensive front two points, we in the construction of Web site outside the chain, pay attention to the quality of the chain at the same time, the pursuit of rich and colorful forms of the chain, to create a healthy site outside the chain system.


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