From the failure of a station talk about ways to let Baidu search quickly

many new webmaster have encountered such problems, that is, their station update soon, the reverse link has also done. But a month has passed, still did not be Baidu search record. Why is that?.

according to my understanding, Baidu spider always move around, like lady-killer, saw a beautiful MM will be up two bite.

, but why hasn’t your station been recorded by Baidu Quick Search?. Two bites,


there are several reasons for this:

1], your MM location is too remote. Baidu doesn’t see your home, MM.

solutions, do more anti links, like (games are comfortable) such new sites, you need to do more anti links.

backlinks are just like voting machines. When someone says that a mm is pretty, will you go and have a look and satisfy your curiosity? Of course. You need to pay attention to

when doing backlinks

1. to do the chain of the station, should focus on quality, PR high station do a top garbage station, do N. Just like you said Taoge MM beautiful top 10000 migrant workers

brothers say a reason.

2] trans chain do, Baidu know your home may have a beautiful MM, but Baidu usually busy, beautiful MM all over the floor, want him to run to see your home MM

has to queue up. What should I do,


ha, this is about features, for example, in the country of girls, the floor is beautiful, why don’t you see a brother, I guess, probably because of

daughter country beauty too much, and for a long time is the same sex to be a piece, did not attract men unique, so, Tang brother visual fatigue, simply not a

. Well, we know that in order to attract Baidu to see your family, the beauty must let him know that your MM is very unique, XX dance? No, this floor is

is the visual fatigue ah, no one will create their own unique? No one ah, say that the failure of

station actually took a "good game, comfortable" as a unique, to Baidu search, I rely on too many, too many pages mentioned this keyword,

like Yeh said: no trans? Failure, not to PR high standing do reverse link? Failure, the most exaggerated is a popular keyword. Failure in



3] okay, the chain is ready, and the unique point is also selected, so let Baidu know more about the uniqueness of your family MM, what should I do? What do you say,


well, let’s think of as a negative counter example.

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