How should website operations identify malicious harassment

a wonderful thing happened yesterday: some people say that they want to turn off their website for us.

the reason is this: any network company, for the convenience of customer contact, will certainly be QQ contact on the web page, users can contact directly click. It is precisely because of this, usher in a farce: we want to know what this guy? Yesterday afternoon, there are customers add customer service QQ number as a friend, then said that they are the ultimate creative technology limited, their 2008 registered company, our ultimate creative network theft of their things. We require in order to avoid damage to their company, will immediately shut down the ultimate creative network, and they had to report the material submitted to the Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, and presented the certificate of lawyer.

I can’t help laughing when I see this. Why? The following one by one:


1, they say they are acme creative technologies limited.

obviously, they want to make up such a lie without thinking: it’s very important to choose a name in a company in China, that is to say, the font size determines your appearance. But there is a limit: that must have the geographical names, for example, if this is the case, it is the ultimate creative technology Ltd. Beijing, or the ultimate creative (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., in addition, can not be approved by the city of Beijing Industrial and Commercial Bureau, but to Industrial and Commercial Bureau to examination and approval by the state. So for some groups that aren’t super big, they don’t usually do it: there’s no such thing.

so, from here, the stalker obviously doesn’t even have the knowledge of the least registered company.

2, company presence,

said that since he is the ultimate creative technology Ltd., that I can be found, when I visit Beijing corporate credit network, indeed found the ultimate creative technology Ltd. Beijing, but the company as early as 2006 has been canceled. Shows that the harassment man does not understand the common sense of the company’s information disclosure;

3, website domain name filing

general website for the record, are submitted by the user to the service provider first audit, after approval, the service chamber of Commerce submitted to the Ministry of audit. That is to say, if there is any repetition, that would be the personal problem of the harassment if it were not for the Ministry’s system. Then I would rather believe that there is no problem with the ministry.

4, the information about the person in charge of the meat,

this problem is actually very easy, have acquaintances ask, or according to the information already in the public information is easy to find a person, the key is when another name mentioned in the same place, harassment apparently do not know;

5, attack the website,

said, "it’s a little too much."

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