As a webmaster you are doing the pseudo original talk about how to do pseudo original

we all know that the core of SEO is "content is king, the chain is emperor", this character.

then let’s talk about the subject today, the chain will not say.

"content is king", it must spend a lot of time on the content, but we can not stand all day long on the content of the climb, and every day to increase the chain promotion, and so on. Let’s build a website is not a personal blog, could not every day a lot of time in the content, we could not every day to create too much of their original article, nor is a collection of others, so the pseudo original has become the first choice, some friends said he did not know what the original, I think if you take the time to learn the others! When you see other people see many articles after your brain will be very rich, maybe you are not even the pseudo original, all original, oh! It is a false original tiring work, in fact, when you false original when you must go take a look at this article structure, ideas and so on, you can put in imperceptibly this article to learn it, do not shoot two hawks with one arrow. It’s like riding a bike. No one can ride at first. You’ll feel really simple when you learn. So the usual learning under the others, that is the infinite power of you, also do not have the knowledge owners you know buried in the heart, out to share with you, so that everyone can learn, you need to know your this technology is experience to share the.

Following we will talk about


are very important, but is not important? You wore a beautiful hat, wearing a handsome shoes, clothes is to pick up the garbage heap of clothes, you feel good! So some people say that the end is very important, good, but I want to say is the middle important, search engine is not a fool, now the spiders are fine! (hereinafter referred to as the spider) some people look at others first is very important, ha! He fell to a brilliant idea, I put and delete the sample does not fix the merit, really high. Don’t know where you have read before deleting this article, you may delete later did not even look, this article is a readable you delete all have no, this is the desired result? The user experience can be good! Perhaps spider mix in the user. That guy! Are you, can you recognize it! Don’t think it can deceive search engine. The best approach is based on their own understanding of the then rewrite the two paragraph, and fit smoothly into you to optimize the key words and links, so as to achieve pseudo original effect, long tail keywords can also optimize your site, emphasizing the necessary to revise the middle.

is regularly updated every day. Modified pseudo original to compare fixed time and frequency updates, how many can be fixed per day?. But you can’t update one today and you can update dozens of irregular changes at once. The search engine will question whether you cheat or even punish. Updates at a fixed time are also good for the web

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