t is never too late to mend his Baidu K station

said last time that the two sites were directly Baidu K dropped (originally thought to be plucked, and later made clear the difference between plucking and K, re identified as K lost),

yesterday in Tianjin SEO Guo Daxia inside the group to ask, he helped me pointed out that the Zhengzhou broadband network (www.kuandaianzhuang.cn) there are several problems, the main collection is:

– > keyword pile up

– > keyword pile up

– > keyword pile up

three questions reflect the same problem, that is the keyword pile up,


in addition, in the links, I checked, five or six inside the chain, there are two stations have been Baidu K station, and quickly put these necrotic links removed. – -> I think this may be a very important reason. After all, the link is too high for sites that are being K.

, so still have to go to check the site link, to avoid the link site is K phenomenon, so as not to cause unnecessary sacrifice.

also made a change, that is, in the copyright part of the previously added links to all the keywords included, the so-called: smooth, optimized traces, get rid of excessive optimization of suspicion.

did this and then submitted it to Baidu, and hopefully this time it will be improved by K,


note: when I was really on the website optimization, the page itself made some effort, may lead to excessive optimization, but about why it took so long to react to my Baidu K station. Because the station did not move for three months, and performed well. I myself summed up the link may be the problem (links to Baidu K off the site) cause Baidu to my site attention, and then found excessive optimization of suspicion, so even pull out the hair are lazy pull, direct K station.

this station has been modified, waiting for the result of Baidu’s response,

!The other is

K’s personal blog: www.go2learn.com.cn is K, it is a solution, because of the zblog system, the conventional optimization optimization is also called zblog, please help me see which friends, exchange the experience of


, my new blog: www.break-day.org.cn

look forward to communicating guidance,


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