51 com suffered profit difficulties turn the direction of the backbone staff turnover

from the beginning of November, suffered enormous pressure on the profitability of 51.com began to abandon the original business line, turn to a more bright direction. But, along with it, 51.com also suffers from the brain drain, labor pains, and the risk of a transition failure.

turn around,


learned that he was transferred to the web game group, little Y decided to offer his resignation to 51.com.

at the same time, several colleagues who have met him have chosen to leave 51.com.

"the development of large-scale online games is my specialty and interest, now the company let me transfer to do web games, then I might as well go to other big companies do, big companies can provide the opportunity is better."." Little Y says.

in fact, small Y is just a small microcosm of the 51.com business transformation. From the beginning of November, Pang Shengdong and other 51.com directors decided to carry out a major operation on 51.com, cut open platform and large game platform research and development projects, the company focus on money is more reliable "game.

"it’s like driving a car. A year ago, 51.com four hundred or five hundred stepped on the gas and drove toward the open platform and the game, but in the end, it turned out that the two businesses didn’t make money. So the managers decided to turn around before the crash and rush toward a brighter golden road." 51.com insiders said.

confirmed, according to 51.com, that since November, 51.com has abandoned the original open platform model and removed more than 80% of the plug-ins on the platform. 51.com director of marketing dragon long said in an interview with Sohu IT, said, 51.com will be larger and more excellent team, joint operation of the game.

according to sources, 51.com also recently suspended the development of internal large games and casual games platform, in addition to retain the necessary maintenance personnel, R & D personnel engaged in R & D to other web games. Before that, 08 years from the date, big games and casual games platform has been the focus of business 51.com, 51.com also from other large game companies poaching a lot of talent.

for the above news, 51.com aspects of public relations responsible person said, 51.com indeed in some adjustments, the adjustment process, there are indeed individual employees because they do not adapt and leave.

investors weighed

‘s various statements suggest that 51.com has come under pressure from investors.

51.com said

did not achieve the expected growth of investors’ earnings and profitability as soon as possible, but rather stumbled on how to expand revenues and constantly turn the corner.

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