Feasibility report and operation analysis of local network mall construction

1, feasibility report

although already has such as Taobao, pat, eBay and other large national network trading platform, but localization network mall development still has space. Local network mall in the following areas is the big trading platform can not do:

1, localization network mall can be more prompt delivery. Because of the small span of the area, the delivery of the goods can be achieved on the same day with the permission of the logistics.

2, localization network mall integrity is higher. Localization network mall, compared to large-scale network platform, this is the most important advantage. In operation, the shops should be checked, the entity shops can stay in the mall, to support cash on delivery, if the goods are not satisfied, you can immediately return the goods, the time required for return is not long.

3, localization network mall can be more flexible management. Because the area of the span is small, so many shops stay not easy to manage, can be more flexible in terms of payment, such as goods store there by the customer to collect, to meet the transaction, payment can be more diversified, cash on delivery payment, pick up these very popular with consumers.

in the local network mall operators should pay attention to the problem:

1, logistics. Delivery and collection of goods should be in place immediately. On a large trading platform. Through large-scale logistics companies, the delivery of goods is also very fast, in the province has been able to achieve the completion of the delivery of the day, we have to do is faster than them.

2, a starved network terminal. In a physical store, you need a computer terminal that connects to the network, so you can do network transactions normally. However, due to the small span of the region, the installation of computers in the store is not much, limiting the rise of the local network mall.

two, operation plan

Construction of

1. website. Recommend the use of the current very mature network mall program, such as ECMALL, can be developed two times.

2. test phase: divided by the internal staff for consumers, merchants, customer service, unified site for the initial test, looking for problems and solve.

2. network filing. Because it is a business website, the required records must be prepared.

3. for the first time, not through the media, but through the local network of relationships, pulling the first store in the mall, the mall goods display. So that early shopping mall occupancy, optional goods, enrich the mall page.

4. to carry out extensive network promotion. Allow more merchants to move in and buy online for the first time. In the early stage of operation, to carry out the investigation activities online and offline, online forums and other interactive section can be placed under the line, by the clerk of the shops investigation activities, consumers and businesses are instantly aware of problems and proposals in the trading activities of the instant of problems rectification. And through the mall in >

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