Link market analysis of Chinese cabbage we work together to save the link market

has not sold the link for several days, not is not wants to sell, also is not cannot sell; but buys the link person to press the price too low, feels that is sorry own hard work. Just a friend 3 years of PR4 station, 5000+ included snapshot update timely, a total of not more than 20 station connections, SF chain to 15, also said confidently: "the price is very reasonable!" so buyers meet the eye everywhere. Feel A5 link market before six months is not like this, but now it is more and more "bear market". We might as well analyze the reasons,


, a malicious buyers to keep the prices down, get momentum to destroy the market: for example, some time ago the PR big update, a lot of people standing PR value rise, some may be lifting amplitude is relatively large, buyers took the opportunity to "PR worthless a whoop and a holler", "don’t look at PR, just look at the weight", "high price to PR" advertisement is out. Many sellers psychological also can not stand angry. The question PR is not important, he did not accept PR0? PR1 and PR4 why to open two price? Asked the high weight refer to what? I ask a so-called "senior" buyers, themselves together, and then also requires that this requirement (the requirements may not write), I doubt there are a few really understand Baidu search engine! There is a King terms "a good price is constant," what? All aspects of the site index increase, the price is unchanged? The tax threshold raised there! The SF chain is the price you have to stand down, this is not what the Admin5 had to SF, is actually a disguised form of price.

two, the seller is not unity, just look at the immediate small profit: many sellers own chenbuzhuqi, the other 2 pieces of pressure you agreed, under a pressure you 5 dollars you have done; we all do, the market of Chinese cabbage if things go on like this, buyers seize this mentality, that you do not sell others sell and we did not comply with the market trading. Now more and more people stood, the market oversupply, let buyers more air more picky, in China this is inevitable, but we must keep a sober mind, good Buchoumai, buyers knew which which bad good, here, I hope the small webmaster can unite, insist on doing we charge power station, also, to "rescue work".

three and Admin5 adopt the policy of non intervention, which is approved by some people. Some people hold the opposite view. Since everyone has come to A5 to make inquiries, then it is their trust and approval. Personally, I think there should be a "official" Authority introduced price reference, can be detailed division of different grades, different prices, we should manage the market. Or divided SF, non SF area, cabbage area, non cabbage area and so on, otherwise, the market is easily confused.

represents only personal views, but hope to protect the interests of more people, and write the wrong place, please forgive me. My little station: free space >

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