Hooligan Baidu should also acquire who

In addition to the acquisition of Baidu

HAO123, TT Player, sky outside, should also do other acquisitions. And the three acquisitions, I just optimistic about hao123.


do things have been extremely cautious, we are also very concerned about, then I have none of your business, according to my ideas about Baidu’s acquisition of some websites or software which should.

1, 2D/3D map sites, such as edushi.com. This is very helpful to the life of Internet users, and the value of advertising is also very high. Baidu can’t capture video like this from many stations, and then set up an entrance on those sites, such as the video.baidu.com, which brings a lot to 56 and ku6. And maps of the site, it is difficult to build such a barrier. Google Earth is a great product, but now it’s unlikely to let Baidu do it.

2, browser. For example, Maxthon (Ao You), but now the acquisition price is expected to be quite high. I know, Maxthon possession of the market share is quite large, but also for Baidu made a very big contribution, but unfortunately, Baidu did not make a little earlier.

3, IM, some people may say that Baidu will do IM, not impossible, Google has Gtalk, Baidu has not yet, unfortunately, now IM basically nothing to buy. What about PS:lava-lava? I didn’t use it, but I knew Wang Zhidong was doing it with his heart. As for the name, it’s not bad to call a "degree". Ask Chen Yizhou to buy dudu.com.

4, e-mail. NetEase if there is no e-mail, I can not think of what I can go to the NetEase. This is one of the most commonly used Internet service, I think Baidu’s existing resources do not really too bad, QQ had bought FoxMail I think it is quite successful, now QQ mailbox has done very well, do email I know there is a company called CoreMail NetEase, Tom good, the mailbox is said to be the use of their products, like the background is more complex, as is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, not to study carefully. Anyway, looking forward to [email protected]

5, the input method, such as the old universal five pen, there is a pole called good. Sogou input method is very successful, but I think Zhang Zhaoyang do great things, let me say the other I can’t say it, Sohu is failed, Sogou market share here has accounted for only about 1.3%.

6, download tools, such as FlashGet, of course, now the boss is the thunder, but the thunder has GOOGLE intervention. And Flashget was bought by zcom, but it’s not impossible to buy it from zcom.

7, and >

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