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Abstract: after PC,

search, mobile news, Sohu can still maintain a rapid growth in the client market, and in October 80 million 100 thousand active users, this is the largest of the Internet veteran Zhang Zhaoyang award.

Chinese first generation of Internet entrepreneurs in the entrepreneurial experience hardships after enjoy the recognition of capital, many chose to withdraw from the venture capital market line, or to start investment, review the history of education later in all kinds of speech, or hidden in the arena, even the "upstart entrepreneurs" have been shot on the beach". In contrast, Zhang Zhaoyang is a different person: so many years, no matter how the market changes, still adhere to the forefront of the industry. Just at the 2015 China enterprise leaders summit, Zhang Zhaoyang also won 2015 of the 25 most influential business leaders.

although the summit site Internet big coffee gathered, but only Zhang Zhaoyang and Zhou Hongyi two did not wear formal attire, Zhang Zhaoyang is plaid shirt with jeans, calm mess.

entrepreneurship twenty years half industry development history

since 1995, Zhang Zhaoyang returning from the United States for its Sohu has been over the past 20 years, in the 20 years of Sohu has gone through the portal era, the era of search and today’s mobile Internet era, Sohu and Zhang Zhaoyang I also witnessed and experienced the whole process of the development of the Internet Chinese.

at the beginning, the portal is holding flow but has not yet found a clear profit model, Internet entrepreneurs to "burn" in waiting for their own time, then QQ almost sold telecommunications system 21CN net. Later, fortunately, telecom value-added services, portals usher in the spring, but then catch up with the Internet bubble, the capital market has been vulnerable in China’s Internet industry, at any time facing the risk of collapse. Subsequently, with the rise of Baidu and Google, the Internet traffic gradually moved from the portal to the search platform. Then, with Taobao as the representative of the rise of electronic business platform, e-commerce industry entered a rapid growth phase. Today, China’s Internet is facing a wave of mobile.

is not difficult to find in such a rapid development of the industry, the Sohu as one of the most veteran Internet company, after many twists and turns now is still in a state of rapid development, the third quarter of this year, the Sohu total revenue of $522 million, an increase of 21%, at the same time the product is also quite effective: the Sohu news mobile terminal in October reached 80 million 100 thousand active users, in the news App second video, Sohu is still in the first camp, and the hatching of "pancake man" of this box office miracle movie "Denon eight" game is well-known client game products……

look at the enterprises and individuals with the same period in his business, management has repeatedly concussion after Sina came to sell Alibaba, NetEase from the portal into a game for the Internet industry leading enterprises, Wang Xingdong, Wang Juntao, et al, are also in retreat or semi seclusion.

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