Look at the beauty shop success tips to share the beauty salon

a lot of people are interested in the beauty industry, indeed, this is a suction gold industry. If you want to open a beauty shop, you need to know some skills. Some people who are engaged in this industry summed up a number of beauty shop success cheats, for those who intend to invest and manage the beauty shop reference.

1. dedicated customer service: registration for each customer, good service tracking.

2. education and guide customer

3. build and use customer profiles: what is the growth rate of new customers? What is the old customer churn rate? What are loyal customers? What are the passers-by? What are "impulsive" customers? Thanks to the loyal customer. Strengthen the centripetal force of selective customers. Closer to the whim of the customer, the distance, and the passers-by climb point relationship.

beauty shop although the investment cost is small, but the operating time also must pay attention to some things, mastered the secrets to success, to be more sure of success. The above is the beauty shop success cheats share, want to open the beauty shop friends, you learn?


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