Do stand as the person solid to do good

why should I be a station? It’s for money. A chance to see Li Xingping’s story. A simple and no longer simple form of Web site, can actually be a large amount of Baidu acquisition. Suddenly silly eyes. That’s when I got rich psychology,

I started in the online collection of relevant site information, then with the help of a friend. I learned the simple operation of Dreamweaver8. I registered a domain name, then I immediately download the entire station hao123. Use Dreamweaver8 to open the file that needs to be modified. Super easy ah oh. Fully visible. Just make a point where you want it to change. Enter your own information. It was done in a minute. Very soon on the basis of hao123. I made most of the DIY changes. Then my website is on the line!!!


after a website on-line, then is promotion work. I’m in bubble forum every day. QQ group mass (always be T out). The most important traffic is that Baidu knows (that I’m still blocked ID). After several weeks of bombing. I site in the small basket of Baidu, find relevant content more than 300 pages. Traffic has risen sharply. 100200300. Looking at the daily surge of IP. 32. Then, finally, the goal begins to execute! (advertising fee) Baidu: advertising Union, wow, a lot. I’m crazy registered, PR, Jinshan, QQ, 265, GG and so on, all of a sudden the site modification was glorious. It’s commercial,


day after day, 13 hours a day. Repeat the post repeatedly. Check traffic, check ads. Modify the site. Once。 Half a year has passed. I guess you like what people say something is useless. Mom asked me. Why do you always sit in front of the computer?. I have a very informal question and answer. I’m doing a web site. I’m making money. (what a noble thing I don’t know!)

talking about making money, ha ha, do you know what my profit is for half a year?. You say "($more than 10) the rest of the League a few pieces. Not pleasant to say. Even enough to pay the electricity, I began to daze. Why 265 and 114?. Well done? Then a friend told me. Do stand like the same person, down-to-earth, step by step. Have a clear aim and an innovative spirit, with a constant faith.

station must have features, for example, Jay Chou created a super cock style song. And you imitate. Famous. Popular network.. ok. You’re just doing someone else’s back. And everybody knows that. Just say it was created by Jay Chou. And your reputation will fade as time goes by, and you don’t stick to your style. What’s the use of always imitating others (like the webmaster’s copy and paste)?. Eventually. It’s not K got nothing,



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