How to successfully operate the brand shoes store

female shoe store can be seen everywhere, the industry is also relatively large competition, if you are operating a brand of women’s shoes store, then you need to start from what aspects of investment management work? Xiaobian compiled some of the professional advice, I hope to help your investment career, a look at it!

, not overdo sth.

must not have been staring at the customer entangled, chatter to introduce non-stop. Xiao Li has been afraid to go home only a dozen steps that pharmacy. This pharmacy facade style, shelves are open, is a typical drug supermarket. It should be said that there is no inconvenience to buy drugs here, and sales staff is very enthusiastic…… Bad is bad in "very enthusiastic". When the customer enters the hall, the door of the counter will continue to pass moves Lai sound, and beside the shelf salesman also immediately went up around you, if you say to want to buy cold medicine, he immediately brought you to the shelf, take some cold medicine off the reel introduction, can not wait to let you buy a try to go home. That passion, so that you can not advance and retreat.

two, pay attention to commodity arrangement

goods are all arranged in an orderly manner, may not be a good business, in certain circumstances, some goods deliberately make it messy but can attract customers.

three, after-sales service to do a good job

pre flattery, not as intimate after-sales service.

four, small customer care in place

spend only 1 yuan of customers, more than $100 to spend on your business more affected.

five, pay attention to the occasion, avoid the shop quarrel

in front of the customers at clerk or argument is equal to the customer off the premises. In particular, some couples shop, the outcome of the dispute is the customer heart tired no longer patronize.

six, timely observation of goods

out of stock is the essence of the implied customer: do not buy on the other side, therefore, can not wait to sell goods to go, must be prepared. If you are out of stock, you can inform the purchase time, and leave the customer’s phone number, address. Door-to-door can make customers feel your sincerity.

seven, arrange to attract customers

constantly beautify the display of goods, in particular, to make full use of a large window to attract people’s eyes. In the same street to open two grocery business varieties, two bosses to be roughly the same, and, with the residents of the community relations are very harmonious, but not a good or bad business.

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