Make the best station with the least input and make the most money

often has a friend who regrets that the website has been built for several months. For this or that reason, the income is not enough, the expenditure of space is maintained, the time is exhausted, and the money is spent, but with little success. Lack of money feels bad and, more important, self-confidence. At this point, we might as well think back to the process of starting our website and perhaps find that we wasted a lot of money and wasted a lot of time. How to make the best station with the least input and earn the most money?.

is not the first king to open the throttle

a lot of friends, when planning to do the station, quickly bought space and domain name. Then began the election procedures, start with DEDE, then listen to others with easy, and move easily, then feel good for 5U, 5U, and another for nearly a month, and really use the domain name space, this is actually a waste of money, suggest new friends do stand at the time of the first, on CMS or BBS program function is not familiar, can put into their local computer configuration simulation server supports ASP and PHP, the program in the local test. Because the mainstream program now basically is ASP or PHP based development, this test can not only reduce the purchase of space, because the function and the running environment of the program do not understand, buy the wrong space and a waste of money, but also for the future of their own independent server configuration to lay a solid foundation.

knife have seen a new training group of friends made such a mistake, first prepared by moving easily CMS, buy a ASP+ACCESS database space, and later decided to change the DEDECMS, because the DEDECMS is based on PHP+MySql the operating environment, he purchased space does not support the MySql database, only to buy space before buy space 50 percent off sold to others, in fact, this is not necessary to waste money.

learns to use free resources online

in the process of doing the station, is to be good at learning, but not just learning technology. The key to the success of the site depends largely on promotion. Some time ago, a friend to pay someone to do a Baidu search box, in fact, to apply for the business of Baidu OK, which do not need to spend money to do, and in a certain flow conditions can also bring their own income, even if unable to apply, can also go to the official Baidu search box to obtain the source code. A friend in order to solve the problem of special effects on the site, spend a lot of time to learn the language, that language is actually not necessary, to webmaster web special effects channel to find a lot. Should be limited in time to think about the site’s profit model and website promotion. Want to do similar to the class forum, a non-profit site friend, do not spend money to buy space, just go to PHPWIND and DISCUZ to promote the site to apply for a free forum can be, is less an investment, but also eliminates the time of program architecture. Then spend a dollar to buy a domain name for CN

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