Why pull hook net at home to play but not Linkedn


pull hook net traditional recruitment website architecture, but micro innovation in products, make the products more in line with the characteristics of the Internet crowd, truly meet the needs of the user; at the same time, the use of the Internet circle of the SNS platform also cable under the cafe of word-of-mouth dissemination and sharing, the user needs more like a rolling roll the greater is the information interaction with fans marketing mode.

Earlier this year,

‘s social marketing company was looking to recruit two interns to become the new media editor. At that time, I arranged for manpower in the recruitment of Zhaopin in the opening of an account, issued recruitment information. After the release of information, resume is received quite a lot, but tricky few, most of the resumes with posts are not consistent, the overall quality is not too high, let me big headache. Later, I got a girl internship in our company, in the people’s University where she forum made recruitment resume, the resume is like not long, snow over, schools are professional counterparts, I choose enough.

this thing, let me see two reasons: first, with the development of the Internet, like Zhaopin, 51Job the traditional recruitment company has been unable to meet the needs of users, especially some of the emerging industry is even more so. Two is, like the University Forum, fresh recruitment network and other vertical field recruitment website, still great influence, efficiency is very high, in the future may become more and more important.

it makes me think of recent hot pull hook net.

network is a pull hook vertical field of Internet Co focused on emerging recruitment website, launched just over a year’s time, the number of users is 1 million, and are more professional Internet practitioners, the resume delivery volume has more than 2 million people, 5000 people looking for work in the pull hook average day, a lot of people just throw a resume to find work (see a company), one of the fastest job seekers for a minute.

the network performance, but also won the favor of investors, in May 2013, by Xu Xiaoping, Li Qing, Zeng East and other well-known investors invested 4 million Hiromichi Angel funds, A round by Bertelsmann invested 5 million U.S. dollars. In today’s announcement of the B round of financing, just melted $25 million, by Qiming venture lead investment, Bertelsmann Asia fund with investment, has been valued at $150 million.

corresponding is the world-renowned business networking site LinkedIn China although already in the high-end crowd workplace won reputation, but has failed to open up the situation (LinkedIn in the year 2 months into China, began to try in China localization).

Some of the Chinese apprentices of

LinkedIn, such as the main street network and the neighboring network, have been developing in China for many years, but they have been developing rapidly. Now at the beginning of the network, is used to imitate Linkedin, in the beginning, the founder Xu just and the team wants to do is.

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