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everyone in the discussion of classified information website mode, I have an idea, you help me: it is similar to the middle of the model, I give you one you gave me, so simple, do not know is not feasible? Actually, I personally do not optimistic about the 58 city. Go to the market, people network etc.. The reason is very simple, not too big, like all local national information do you do nothing, in fact it up to a frame, what framework map like drew a circle like, nothing fundamental content, in addition to several big city flagship can be a little information the amount of information, other city? Just a local Baidu city classification station every day more than you do, from the practical point of view you have no competition, you are just the most temporary competitive brands, but the classification information from other sites are not the same, with the timeliness of the information, who told you what brand we, the emphasis is on the timeliness of information quality and information, who will see the release of a few months ago, this information is of no value.

talked so much nonsense that there seemed to be nothing to do with the subject. Well, let’s get down to business. I have done 1 years of local classification and information network, recently IP was around 7000, carrying the most are about recruitment, this information from another aspect that is now recruiting network traffic how good to do, but I have the experience to do anything else, I often think to find a new way for himself but, look at themselves are old, really sad, this is not 1 years ago to choose the new road? Today saw new and want to do, this is not to deny yourself, so, I still insist on my point of view, to insist on his own choice of local classification of this road. I believe that the information age is the site of the world classification. Funny to say, I didn’t charge any advertising fees for more than 7000 IP so far, because I didn’t put up the affiliate ads because I thought the local stations could make money without hanging a few codes. To put it bluntly, that is now the network has been refined, extensive type has been unable to keep up with the times, sooner or later to be eliminated.

bored to chat with a friend, ask the recent situation, he is a very clever and practical man, this I admire, and other people can not pay attention to the details of his attention. I asked how recently it income, he told me that the website selling income, income and income connected, computer repair, I immediately one Leng, he opened the store, do not start the network, so he was asked not to open a store, his answer is really awaken me this dream ah. He said he optimized a page, they local maintenance computer, every day there are several list, but he does not do, find someone to do a list, a list of 55 divided. Well, it can be several hundred times a day.

An example above of

fully illustrates a problem, that is, the value of information, so I want to transfer this value to our local classification information station.

for our personal webmaster, what we can do is >

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