Strategic plan for industry website development in 2009

now remembers the past 2008, and many things are vividly visible. Said the work of the bar, Shanghai metal network of the second half of the experience of 2008, basically in the toss through, basically in three aspects:

: a website of the program and the system environment is not harmonious, our website is PHP, PHP and Linux collocation is generally more stable, but we are using the windows operating system, not a problem, affecting the normal access.

two: our servers, we mainly do the website information release platform, general metal spot futures will be in a certain time to obtain price information website, such as the spot price of around 10 points to 12 points, in 08 years in October, from 10 to 11 visits the more than 116 thousand passengers, but the rest of the time in thirty thousand or forty thousand, so a visit to the peak, the server cannot hold, until finally SQL stops running; this is often the only domain name resolution, analysis time more than 30 minutes or more time, more depressing is that this time, search engine to grab the page, the results on empty air;

three: optimization problems, remember that one day I changed the home page keyword, the results of the second day, third days, ten days, fifteen days to see what search engine updated home page included, this is about two times continuously, the consequences are as can be imagined.

said that many are saying 2008, as the subject, I hope you forgive me, the afternoon of editing half, submit the results of missing, is written back in the evening; 09 year plan to the website column deep level classification, do industry website program with to develop well optimization of basic, careful revision included problems, re orientation, consider the user experience, to do a market survey.

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