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1. now many websites have a lot of pictures and FLASH animation, and Google, Baidu and other search engine automatically included in the site, is very cold for those pictures and FLASH, these files can not identify the meaning of the expression, which can not be included into the search engine. So the website will need to pay attention to, pictures or FLASH animation can be, but not too, too far. Both should be integrated to achieve the best results. Appropriate use of keywords, some people after the site is well established, will also actively log on some of the toll search engines, which for the public awareness of the site is beneficial. But they are often in the choice of keywords is not very seriously, excessive names with a few words to summarize or stand, website keywords, website content summary is not accurate, there is lack of information expression, the effect is greatly discounted. Keyword selection is also important, and the search engine determines the order of the page by using the degree of relevance of the keyword. The basic rule is: the more the number of keywords a web page appears, then the correlation between the page and the keyword is high, and the location of the page in the search results is higher.

Internal optimization of

2. page

most people don’t know much about website optimization methods. Some even think that adding keywords to a website is called optimization, and that’s a joke. Real website optimization is to stand on the website, column and content to consider, and combined with other aspects summed up a equivalent to a site revision program. In a word, don’t think the website optimization is too simple, and don’t think the website optimization too complicated. Just contact, will feel very simple, into the door, will find a lot of new things, they never know the noun explanation. I will go to feel more and more know something less. But do not think too difficult, there is no difficulty in the world, there is no learning can not, as long as willing to learn, willing to study hard, no learning will not.

wants to master website optimization, it is necessary to understand the search engine related retrieval principle, website optimization is also called "search engine optimization", this is quite accurate. In reality, the search engine is popular today, a website to survive need is more better traffic, and site visits most of the sources are by keyword in the search engine in

3. internal link

An internal link structure model of

is not a small project, you will find the truth when you do ZhengZhan optimization. If you don’t have enough external links to prove which pages are important, then you can prove them by internal links. When every page you link to the home page, search engine, of course, think the home page is important, give very high weight. So you learn the internal link deployment of competitors and the performance of the related pages on the search engine, and then make a similar deployment based on your own site. When your site has many pages, >

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