100 thousand users of women’s financial community was born how to catch the emotional crowd financ

[introduction] according to statistics, 70% of the women in charge of family expenditure, but they do not family consumption, but also investment mains, unfortunately now the financial community are too "masculine" (such as shares, such as the popular snowball financial community), financial psychology and demand completely without take account of the female population.

she is on the right track, focusing on the women’s financial community, understanding women’s preferences, low risk and willingness to listen to public opinion, and so far has accumulated 100 thousand users.


, the founder of her financial management, was also the media. She entered the Internet Weekly in 2000 and has been the editor in chief. Then she embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. She is a financial car Yong second venture, he was also founded in 2006 my net, a technology oriented website, mainly providing server sharing services and the corresponding custom, collection, and the theme of the platform for the user.

Yong founded her wealth is in 2012 when the idea was in the CRE capital, and colleagues chatted about the financial services industry. There is a Learnvest (foreign American women financial website, after the transformation of the financial planning website) is the fire, inspired by the 2012, Che Yong began recruiting. Build your own team. Therefore, she is the financial CRE capital internal incubator project.


‘s view, women’s financial management is different from men’s and has its specific attributes.

first of all, women have lower risk preferences, protection first, income second;

second, women’s financial management is more in order to achieve the goal of life, rather than simply accumulation of wealth;

third willing to listen to the opinions of experts, often friends and family to follow the same investment or financial activities, is willing to trust management, while men tend to be more independent judgment;

fourth, women tend to have family spending and investment decisions. At the same time, basically, both men and women want financial management to be easier to understand than to be excluded from professional jargon. Moreover, women who manage money tend to be more independent, positive and optimistic, more responsible and healthy in their speech. Therefore, if you can let women users better learn financial management, and share and encourage each other, is a very meaningful thing.

everything was difficult at first. In the whole of 2012, she spent all her money on trial and error. This year, the car Yong with the team blindly doing too much, lack of verification, serious loss of focus. As a result, the first 10 thousand users were unusually hard. Until last year, by strengthening the financial management log, various other functions of folding hidden, plus the balance of treasure of enlightening the public financial awareness in the East, finally will push the community into a clear rising channel, won the first 100 thousand users a lot faster.

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