Explain how the webmaster shapes the pet site around the user

now people’s living standard is increasing, in addition to meet the food, you obviously want to pursue more quality of life. Keeping pets has become a natural hot spot. From everyone for pet words heat, the pet industry has accumulated enough popularity, but also for the website richness more substantial than other industries, but embarrassing is that pet website industry did not achieve an overall high flow rate and high yield, and this phenomenon is enough to prove that, pet site just do the surface engineering, for shaping the unified user and their own and not put into.

users are the cornerstone of the development of any industry, I believe we all recognized this sentence, so from this perspective, we do not think the pet station industry needs what kind of change, what are the others and what kind of pet hot station way as well as the concern of the. What we need to do is simple, that is, depending on the user to determine the direction of development, through the user to shape a bridge of communication. So what specific thinking should we have for the user,


first, we need to establish a pet website audience, is also say that pets are what people love doing? There are many pets now crowd, even now I do not have the Tibetan mastiff website, the age level completely accurate division, after all, from the actual point of view, personal websites can not these resources include all. So the core group to determine a good website, such as my personal website visitors click on the main 30-35 year old age, so the page design, I can’t use the youth fashion template, and should use some stable, atmospheric material. The corresponding search keywords can not stay in what lovely Tibetan mastiff and so on, but there should be more consideration, such as what kind of Tibetan mastiff ferocious domineering, how the Tibetan mastiff breeding and so on, it is through the establishment of user groups to tell our own. So when you’re a pet station, we first have to determine who the audience is,

secondly, after identifying the core users, we should establish the focus of the development of the website. Any website has to have the center of gravity, otherwise it is difficult to find its own position in the competitive internet. As previously mentioned, the core user age my personal site are about 30 years old, and their pets in order to loneliness is absolutely not so simple, there are many other reasons, such as guarding the house scene, curious and so on, therefore, for this case, I suggest that you can like me, put some more the Tibetan mastiff film, exhibition, trading and breeding information in the website, which allows users to find the core of what he needs, so as to reduce the rate of jump out of site. And these four plates are also what we do most of the time, because we can’t just think of getting some high-quality content for the users to see, users will buy it and only let them see what they want to see.

thirdly, we should develop the website of the website reasonably. After all, different users will have different needs, even if the same age group, the focus of attention is not the same

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