Baidu you make me fell WuWeiPing

recently, Baidu has been turbulent, some people say Baidu is out of question, site website refresh data, old change

my destination,, was also affected, but included in the

is down from 89 thousand to 56 thousand

today, Wednesday, a day that should have excited me (Wednesday, Thursday, what day everyone knows),

wanted to get back to the old data 8.9W

noon site your stand is really crazy. 4650

really do not know what flavor, see this situation also put other stations site, other stations are still steadily increasing

thought the destination was free. The movie traffic must have dropped a lot,

K is almost gone,

statistics on a look, not the case, traffic has gone up a lot, from Baidu to traffic at least increased 3 times

was immediately upset,

you want K, my station, why still put my station ranking do


isn’t it a bit of a touch to touch,


heart WuWeiPing all over should be happy or pain

happy is coming flow, pain is lost the amount of

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, thank you for your help and thanks for ADMIN5

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