Agricultural e commerce last mile bottleneck is payment

e-commerce "last mile" bottleneck is logistics, and agricultural e-commerce "last mile" bottleneck is the payment link,

agriculture has its unique industry, can not completely copy the operation of other B2B industry thinking. Especially in the B2B segment, the transaction of agricultural products is still mainly face to face trade, such as poultry, livestock, nursery stock, etc., need to face to face selection. And these years, the author of the agricultural B2B circle, there are countless predecessors, martyrs trying to change this situation, the Agricultural Internet, and through online agricultural products to replace the line of agricultural products trading. The author believes that, with its subversion of the entire transaction form, it is better to use the Internet as a tool to solve the user’s pain point. When solve pain points when the link was shocked to discover that already became agriculture internet.

pay pain point

due to objective reasons (rural banking in popularity, user computer proficiency, the use of online banking convenience users, such as the cost of Education), leading to the use of rural online payment rate is still low, which is Taobao this year to develop the village of the original village Amoy Amoy, through the cultivation of rural partner mode, buy for farmers the Internet and settlement, solve the real potential demand (buy / sell), and no longer spend great efforts to train users to use online payment.

on the other hand, now the rapid growth of wireless user groups, the more the carrier is PC on the net, the popularity of PC online banking, mobile phone banking users again education popularization, difficulty and can think of.

According to the investigation of the

customer visit agricultural B2B website found that more farmers (planting, farmers) of the transactions or by cash, ATM machine and POS machine transfer subsidiary, for buyers and sellers, there are cash transaction risk, such as security risks such as counterfeit money, carrying large amounts of cash the. Especially in some species / breeding base is relatively remote, ATM transfer is also subject to geographical features and constraints, the traditional POS machine, a set of purchase cost thousands of dollars, and the bigger is generally not easy to carry, in addition to the relatively remote ng, GDU and subvert the entire transaction form, such as not using the Internet transactions and procedures for a fee, the transaction cost of small profits for farmers POS also make it difficult to accept! So as to make the entire trading process, and presents a dilemma.

can see that the entire transaction, whether it is online banking payment, mobile banking or offline payment methods, are not smooth. Agricultural B2B has been in a state of lukewarm fire for a long time.

solves pain points

is restricted by the online banking, mobile banking, every operation process, use conditions, etc., and the disadvantages of cash and ATM can not be changed in a short time. The operation idea of the author starts directly from the POS, and after a period of trial and error, it finally solves the cost, portability and hand of POS reasonably

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