nformation collection method of classified information website

at present, classification information website is relatively prosperous a website construction direction, a large number of related source code, related webmaster such as mushrooms. Unfortunately, I just joined this army website called love a Chengdu on the supply and demand network. Ha, that was, well, as everyone knows, the information is classified information website development soul. But in the early days of website construction, especially in obscurity, the collection of information undoubtedly needs a little bit of hard work for the webmaster. I will approach the classification of information about mobile phone once, may you enlighten me;

1, automatic collector

is currently a lot of classified information website itself with the capture function, the more famous collection: train and three of us are walking together, will undoubtedly increase the amount of collector in a short amount of information website, the website is rich atmosphere. But the acquisition of information is more and more not to be Spider favor, so the website in the collection of information at the same time, the best disguise; I am small without acquisition function, so only painful manual collection, but also to ensure the quality of information station;

2, acquisition specialist

especially local classified information website, recruitment information collection, to the market to find information, which can give information on the quality of the site greatly points, because this kind of information, the original high timeliness of information, users and search engines love such information;


network excerpt

to copy information from other peer sites, can be said to be the most convenient way of course; other sites may be slightly critical, but this is the network information, free communication, it is able to use the

to the people;

4, newspapers, leaflets, small ads extract

is now the street of small ads, daily newspaper ads are very rich, every day can receive a lot of casual, put these information into the site, have very good originality and timeliness, the disadvantage is "tired of typing"


5, working with media and units,

cooperation with the local media or information agencies to share information, mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, so that a large amount of information, updated quickly, can quickly enhance the visibility of the site; but the owners need a pair of good eloquence, convince your partner’s near.

There are many methods of

information, as long as there is creativity, undoubtedly can be found to many different methods, it is called different views.

(original news: love a Chengdu on the supply and demand network, welcome to extract, please indicate the source)

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