Four eyes brother built independent online store invincible collection

said, "brother, I opened an optical shop on Taobao 2 years ago to feed myself, and to feed my dog.". This year the sudden financial crisis, layoffs and small white-collar workers went to Taobao opened a store, this is not to grab Lao Tzu jobs! Now the Taobao business has become more and more difficult, I have a brother independent shop, did not think it’s still pretty big.

1. must first choose a good host or network space, new network is good, but that is a little expensive. Now I set the Optics Valley space, is Wuhan’s largest provider of virtual host, they do this quite many years, this space is now used is quite stable, and most importantly, infinite space and infinite flow ah, dear God, infinite space and infinite flow at the time when they see ah ~ ~ ~ ad Lao Tzu eye the beads are coming down bird only 288 yuan every year, gave a name to me, cool! Really good beginning is half of success ah, ha ha ~ ~ ~ money is money, hey!


2., next is to find the best online shop system. Four eyes, brother with shopex, address in, easy to use, and free. Of course, the system also need good template to do good, I went to the pig htt:// went to an art, made a beautiful template, happy Da ~

3., the most important steps began, to promote and promote ~ I bought Baidu keyword, but also to each forum to put the ad ha. In fact, my personal feeling is to introduce new customers and old customers is really the key drop Oh ~ ~ I used Taobao store all the old customers, swiftly with me to the new shop. Our glasses mainly for girls, so be sure to customers for girls thought oh ~ ~ shy an ad.

always wanted to build a website, found several network construction company, managed to build up a website, I was excited ah, that is my blood ah that website are my idea, I finished watching excited for a long time.

but then I worry that this website is built, then how to do, how to let others see me. On the network but utterly ignorant of things. So I will find a few friends asked, they said that I use the virtual host website linked to the Internet on the line, I was silly, virtual host is what stuff? Talk about my head just missing some mark. Then where do we go to find a strong service provider? I worry about ah, worry white head.

one day I go to see the Optics Valley space, what does not limit the disk traffic, does not limit the binding domain, IIS is also not limited to, bring me the domain name, send my database, send me mail, and this is a good thing ah, only 288 yuan, great! But I also worry, this is not bad thing the cheap goods is not good, I will try to understand people’s background, qualifications, telecommunication resources, backbone node room, 40G bandwidth. "

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