Does the website have popularity Do you know how to check it

when you visit a website, do you know that this site has a certain popularity, I talk about a little, and hold a field:

1, query the date of registration of the domain name.

? 2. Check out the world rankings of traffic statistics and websites in alexa.

? 3. Check the number of external links to the site.

? 4. Check the PageRank of each page of the site (PR for short).

? 5, check the main search engine to include the number of pages of the site.

? Here is a detailed description of the steps. Take the (SINA) website as an example:

? 1. Query the date of registration of this domain name.

?? please enter the home page in nets, domain name query input domain name:

? Prompt: "registered domain name:", click hyperlink to view the registration date of domain name. When you find Creation Date, we can see that the domain name is registered at 27-aug-2002, that is, August 27, 2002. View the registration date of the domain name to understand the approximate time of the site operation and determine the potential of the site in conjunction with other data.

? 2. Check out the world rankings of traffic statistics and websites in alexa.

?? into the Amazon, on the front page of the Search the input web, then click on the GO, there are a lot of search results, find the, click on Site Info, Traffic Rank for as follows, xxxx (the X represents the ranking for the site of the domain name) said the world ranking.

, the world ranking, represents an average of nearly 3 months. Alexa updates its website world rankings on an average of 3~8 days, and it could change a lot. Then click See Traffic Details, you can see Traffic, rank, Reach, per, million, users, Reach, rank, Page, Views, per, user, Page, Views, rank and other projects. Among them, 1 wk. Avg. means an average of 1 weeks; 3 mos. Avg. means an average of 3 months; 3 mos. Change indicates a change within 3 months.


Traffic rank" means the current 3 months >

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