An intern’s network internship experience

I am in Chongqing, were removed from the school and the network is about four years.

as the saying goes, "Yang thousand days at a time". In the twinkling of an eye, graduation is approaching, it is time to practice.

then, getting a job every day became the biggest discussion point for roommates. Looking at them again and again, dragging their weary bodies and showing their disappointed and playful expression, they felt the fierce competition among college students now.

Han Han’s father said "seize the opportunity to take the initiative, unchangeable, is victory." Of course, it’s his father who taught him to pick up chicks. But we should apply what we have learned and combine theory with practice. Now I am good at this sentence and find a job linked up, "rather than lying on the chopping board to pick people, it is better to take the initiative to speak, people bite."." Initiative is king, so I decided not to go to the talent market and interview the company directly.

open a local recruitment site, looking for half a day on the network of recruitment, only to find that Chongqing does not seem to have a big site. This is called "blue flame IDC" recruitment introduction aroused my interest, and wrote "company license complete the first batch of the Chongqing region has a ISP/ICP dual card, the company engaged in IDC industry for 5 years, we are Chongqing technical maintenance personnel up to the company, we have been in service for the first, we are in Chongqing in 2007 the IDC server is increased by the amount of the biggest…


the company’s tone was so great that it was sacred, so he decided to go and meet him for a while.

walked through the long The Strip, turned round round alley, turned over the triangle alley, and came to the company downstairs. The company in a small villa chic, pushing the door, the first feeling is the MM beautiful, kind of let me sit, and give me a cup of tea. Simple chat, the company will agree with my internship requirements, but during the interview, the boss asked me a strange question "the first grinding wood or wood knife again again"? Such a simple problem caused by my guard, this problem is not the level? I think a little replied "the first grinding and firewood"! The boss smiled did not answer.

official first week on the job got a little idle because I feel terrible, this week’s task is familiar with the Department of environmental and business processes, each day I come back to the various departments, as is a redundant. Really depressed, but the customer service MM speak very pleasant, long also PP, is said to have trained in telecommunications.

was familiar with the business of the week and I was assigned to work in the planning department. Planning is not a good job, we like to march to war business division, to enhance the quality of service is not on, and our responsibility is duty bound. But fortunately, the company’s business model and service quality has been quite mature, and our relative plans to implement the difficulty and coordination of the Department are relatively smooth.

IDC market is now chaotic, the network has become transparent, and even good IDC will be scolded, but

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