Leisure network Mobile idle goods trading platform based on LBS and social relations

second-hand goods trading idle has formed a huge market in the end of PC, such as 58 city, go to the market, the net every day to many idle goods transactions, but in the mobile terminal, does not seem to appear, also compared in the PC platform idle goods transaction procedures complex, causing inconvenience to a lot of people have. I will break these two points, become the "idle goods trading goods Taiwan mobile version of the next generation of the fool".

Product Description: "leisure" is a based on friends and friends of friends (once contacts and two degree connections) idle goods trading platform, to sell unused goods seller directly upload photos, will release the items of information, similar to the "vertical idle goods trading subject micro-blog + product form a circle of friends on". In addition, the "free network" can also be based on LBS to see what the nearby people are selling unused items. Because the "leisure" research team found that 52% of the idle goods transactions occur between acquaintances, and between the 22% transactions occurred in the local geographical proximity, so the "leisure" for acquaintances / neighborhood matchmaking, do not complete transactions between strangers.

"leisure network" is different from other products of the three break points, one is the idle network product experience is very good, to achieve the ultimate user experience and accurate; second is to make full use of the circle of acquaintances and location-based products to do, but also in the mobile terminal, voice search can be released it is very simple and convenient products. Third, the introduction of micro identification and cloud analysis technology into the product details can make a better analysis of the product, which can not be imitated in other types of idle goods trading websites.

leisure products called "cloud", like the physical version of the Dropbox, the user’s home if there are unused items can pay deposit to the "cloud", also can choose to "cloud" outlets. In this way, the user only need to pay a key to the cost of door-to-door delivery, and finally the goods sold to receive money, the rest of the intermediate links from "leisure" to complete. And the advantage of the "leisure" is that they will form a middle of the goods station, so that you can through flash purchase and other forms of centralized and unified sales of these batch of goods, forming a B2C model.

business model: "leisure network" customer orientation is mainly 18-35 year old white-collar workers and students, to meet the demand a lot of idle goods transactions between them, the main trading items are a large number of clothing, digital technology products, books and audio-video products, and maternal and child products, because in foreign countries idle goods trading has been relatively mature the industrial chain.

At the beginning of the

, the "free time" was charged for the storage and sale of the unused articles and for the transaction of the user. As for the future, "leisure" want to make mobile terminal life trading platform, in addition to physical goods, all types of services can also be traded here.

marketing: at present, there are three main types of marketing for leisure networks

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