Maybe Wang Xingneng told Mason where the problem with Groupon was


this Thursday, is recognized as the originator of the group purchase GrouponCEO Andrew Mason announced that he was "fired", as he wrote in the letter "I decided to spend more time with my family, joking, in fact, I was fired".

many people applaud their sincere attitude, and I am one of them. But at the same time, but also for its products. Think of the domestic Groupon "later" beauty group, recently is another picture: the founder of Wang dished out the "Beauty Group in 2015 100 billion" heavy information for the sales target, the outside world is the meaning in the pertinent question.

once in Wang’s body staged "always be latecomers" scene, "similar" occurred in Mason.

was a continuous business Wang business history, campus network, Fanfou, domestic network in the domestic Internet industry once attracted all wave, but always so can’t afford to hit the waves, finally the school network $2 million sold to Chen Yizhou became has ushered in a soft silver $430 million after any meal; the network is similar to the Twitter the first domestic leader, but also by the rapid development of sina micro-blog is 1 and a half years and beyond (there is no meal sleeping also inevitable relationship with relevant departments as); the domestic network cannot resist the location followed by the white collar "happy net" offensive and disappeared. Wang was dubbed the serial entrepreneur in the title, but also inevitably implies the praise behind the questioning of the entrepreneur: he has a keen sense of smell, can grasp the opportunity to decisively lead the trend, but there seems to be a lack of ability of enterprise operation.

returning to the protagonists – Mason, compared to Wang, he is the granddaddy of the group purchase. After Mason insight into the opportunity, in November 2008 officially launched Groupon. And from then on it got out of hand:

launched 7 months, Groupon achieve profitability; in July 2010, Groupon’s revenue reached $500 million; when Groupon started to receive $6 billion from Google’s intention to buy Groupon, eventually rejected the acquisition price; the November 4, 2011 Groupon issue price of $20 per share on nasdaq…… It’s only been 3 years since the website was officially launched and listed, and the New York Times said it could be the craziest Internet Co in history.

Groupon at the same time, "Chinese later" are like shells strung like beads rush in March 4, 2010, the U.S. group online line to become the first Chinese group purchase website; in March 14th, Wo Wo Group launched in March 15th, F group; on-line; March 16th, handle group purchase online…… In a short span of more than 3 months, there have been nearly a thousand group buying websites in mainland china. In the following development, from the thousand regiments war >

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