Discussion on the management of small websites

opens China’s Internet. There are countless small websites in all walks of life, mostly for individuals, whether for hobbies or careers. How can our small website survive a narrow gap,


, this is the problem that Tyumen often thinks about recently, also be the problem of most stationmaster trouble. Communicate with friends in a group. A lot of people do not have 1 stations, generally at least have 2, 3 regular maintenance on the site, the 10 There are plenty of people who are. What’s the purpose of doing so much?. We don’t want to spend too much time making web waste every day. Earn money ~ simple reason.

I (Zheng Qiuming) is doing SEO, think it is just the icing on the cake, not the website Kyushin Pills. A website doesn’t have good content, and it’s hard to do seo. Running websites, like running your knowledge, you need to think about how to spread your personal knowledge, and so does copy righe. Give the webmaster a little advice, no matter how many you do, do your own familiar field.

sees so many sites with several rules:

1, small website SEO is better than big website,

, or a small group of people running a small website, the lack of quality web content and visibility. There’s no way to throw a lot of money into advertising. And SEO naturally is a small website priority, effective lasting. SEO to achieve the ultimate, and carefully optimize every detail of the site, title, sitemap, keywords.

2, a well-known website, often does not do seo

want to query for the record? Want to register this website? The chain is extremely rich station seems not to have done what seo. People often do his "edge" keywords. There are many websites, some big brands of official websites, gorgeous flash one after another. Even so, he has long dominated Baidu. Why? Because he’s the official website,

3, small website industry segments more competitive,

business, industry segmentation, I can provide more professional services, you have opened up a market. Small websites should not be as exhaustive as big websites. Dig your features.

express is very familiar to us. China Post EMS services should be the most extensive coverage, many private express, such as Shen Tong, Yuantong, SF, etc., coverage is not achieved, but these private enterprises are still living very moist. Why? Because they offer express home service, cash on delivery and so on, convenient service is EMS can not do, and cheaper than EMS. 5 yuan to the province, 10 yuan to the country. Small websites with similar ideas, a full range of positive competition, or in the mainstream channels must be able to spell others. If your website content is more relevant, more professional, and you can have several professional articles, you are professional

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