5944 net try and fall for it

there’s no such thing as a free lunch. What do you mean by that?. But there are still people looking for free resources, and then 5944 of a free space, and soon hang up. This is understandable, free of charge, excusable. Money out of a VIP space, very good, only 30. Soon, also hung up, open a small blog, one day dozens of IP access volume is not long for good, no more reactionary yellow, which is not in conformity with this? Or give me away, to the customer service message, talk is ignored.

Open the

directly showed a 5944 page production, exasperating is: above even hung up Goolge Adsense, the boss of the GG number should be 5944. Fortunately, visit two is not very big, hung up and hung up. Then the domain name was hijacked for a few days, Baidu included domain name directly into the 5944 station (free space over a period of time seems to be directly so)


1 5944.net is very unkind,

2 own petty profit, 30 pieces can buy what space?

3 as a novice, 5944 can be used as a tool for learning FTP using

4 reiterates: "there is no free lunch,

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