s there a future in the movie station

does station for two years and does movie station for 3 months. Before the forum for more than a year, but still failed, the main reason is because there is no pre examine the market deeply, the dislocation position of a direction in the final in the wrong direction far away, eventually gave up. Fall and stand up again. Maybe that’s what the station owners need. Re – do the station, consider a lot of blocks, and finally chose an area that has not been appreciated — the online movie station. But some people will think this is stupid, is a sunset industry do? I don’t have my own view, discussed for reference only, please paizhuan.

first: rigid demand

a movie theaters, generally require a month will appear on the network to watch the authorized resources, and people always love fresh, but after all, or a few let all users pay sixty ocean to the cinema to see the estimated number of Internet users in 20% is considered very good, that the rest of the 80% half of the demand, the number of Internet users in China 480 million, there are 192 million people have this demand, think of how much China movie website, with 100 thousand of the calculation, each site can share 1920 Internet users. There are 1920 IP visits to your website every day. The amount is amazing, and this 1920 is just an average. If your station is well promoted, I’m afraid it must be multiplied by 10 or multiplied by 100.

second: copyright

as a movie station, it should pay attention to the problem of copyright, I see (www.wokan8.com) that these last three years does not make your website game over the closing point, the first is at the bottom of the site please pay attention to copyright statement, if receiving a request to remove the film, it is deleted, and less of a film no matter what, until what time even pirated operating system not to use it, I think we will be closed, but the State Copyright Bureau also said a word, copyright issues also need to consider the situation of China. Moreover, the current personal television stations have not been to the point of imprisonment, the site moved to foreign space can be, but to sentence advice, must not do those illegal stations, the loss outweighs the gain. Unless you have a foreign nationality or country, do not defy the law.

third: the temptation to profit

do the station, the most important thing to focus on, to persevere in doing it, do not three days fishing, two days drying nets, so you simply do not do. The movie station mainly is the page advertisement and the pop-up advertisement, personally thought that had better not put the pop-up class advertisement, very unfriendly, this kind of advertisement buckles the volume to be big, basically 10 thousand IP can only pop 20, why can. Also seriously affect the user experience. Page as far as possible the use of Baidu alliance, relatively informal, but it needs to have a record number can apply to all the webmaster, so advise whether space is foreign or domestic case as well as early as possible. Another big league is Google AD, but because of

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