How to guide patients through the article for consultation

the value of every medical site is to attract more patients to the station for consultation and make an appointment to the hospital through the internet. So how to achieve this goal, which requires the network, SEO, network art, network editing, consultation with the doctor’s full cooperation?. This article on how to guide the patient through the article to give you detailed analysis and introduction, this is a personal experience in this article, I hope you can give us more guidance.

how to guide patients through the article counseling, which is the main responsibility of network editing. Many network editors complain of boring work, and feel that writing everyday is stereotyped articles, and it makes no sense. In fact, it may be their own ideas, their every day to improve the quality of a bit, let read your articles with through your article is aware of his serious illness, through your article came to the hospital for medical treatment, to lift the patient’s troubles, so do you think their work is very meaningful. Network editing patients must have a correct working attitude, each writing an article is based on the attitude of the service for patients, in order to write a relatively strong article guide. Next, this article describes the writing skills to introduce you, how to strengthen the guidance of the article.

1, title should highlight the center of the article, concise, close to the patient’s search habits.

generally, patients can see your article, is through the search engine to search on issues related to the patients in the search, not used to enter a long and minute statement text, they will only show their most simple questions. So the title of the article is in line with the best search habits, this is the reason of the problems in editing standard the most simple common than this, such as "what ails do". But I think that, if your site weight is not high, it is best not to more aspects of the article, the best is close to the details of the article, for example, some pregnant how to do people write articles, can be pregnant a month to do stream of people, the patient’s problem to write more details, will reduce the similar articles the competitiveness of their own, to improve the rankings, increase your chances for patients to see this article, will be consulted to guide patients.

2, the content of the article should be a comprehensive analysis of the central issue of the article, from the content to strengthen the readability and guidance of the article.

firstly, if the title must have a rational explanation, avoid by all means the content of the article appeared several times to wide of the mark, the key is the core content of this article. In the article, there is a link to guide reading to guide patients to read the last, next, or the point of knowledge that you want the patient to know. This increases PV and increases trust. Finally, put the consultation in the right place and mark the words "click consultation" to let the patient enter the consultation page naturally.

in addition to the content of the article to have a rational, but also to have a certain readability, can not let the article is too rigid, >

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