Current situation and profit model of Domestic University Forum

in the domestic universities forum, in addition to several veteran forum, few good development, omnipresent advertising, or no human habitation popularity, do not feel disappointed, no matter who is at this site, must choose to go to. This paper carries on the analysis to the domestic dozens of Universities Forum, in-depth development of University Forum to GUIDIAN Forum ( as an example, from the subjective and objective factors, detailed on the forum, especially the development of non official forum to do in-depth analysis, and puts forward some suggestions on the forum’s operation.

1, present situation and cause analysis


forum has relatively concentrated user groups, and compared to other user groups, college students on the website of the viscosity / loyalty easier to build, there is no problem in the operation, then why do we site it is difficult to develop.

first of all, the mobility of the website management team. Although in many cases, the development of a web site need fresh blood to sustain development, and a major should be more so. The forum management team in site owners, such as removing senior vice chief of staff, other management personnel such as moderators, Super Moderators tend to change frequently, due to personal reasons, such as either this or that, the graduation work, or PubMed, we often experience again and again with the management team of staff loss, due to a variety of those helpless leave the management staff, often on the forum have too much emotion. The departure of senior management will inevitably require the inflow of fresh blood, while the endless turmoil, the development of the site is not ideal. In addition, the webmaster’s own reasons, such as financial, human, material and other shortages, is a fatal impact on the site, not dead or disabled.

secondly, the particularity of University forums. No matter is the official or unofficial Forum Forum, the forum will be doomed to limit excessive speech, we often encounter such a situation, if a school event, then the official forum will limit the variety of speech, rather than the official forum, website management team to survive, also have to do a speech this guide, more or less, some members of the heart hurt.

finally, support from all sides. All aspects of this include capital, technology, manpower, financial resources, etc.. The tasteless development of University forums is believed to be obvious to all. Last November 13th, Wu Ziqiang news published an article entitled "the BBS," the survival of chicken ribs? Depth reports, the current eco domestic university BBS forum are summarized, the conclusion is: the BBS "no longer".

two, the operation of University forums

once upon a time, we are committed to serving the campus, vowed not to make university forums commercial nature of the site, but the reality is so cruel. Without any commercial input, any College Forum would be lacking in vitality. In a few college Forums

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