A junior high school student to do standing water account

has been with Admin5 for a year, and I have a lot of feelings about other people’s articles every day. Because of their limited degree of education, every time I want to write something to publish, I have no good literary talent and put it down. Think twice today, or want to write something, the following I will be my station for a year to share the feelings of the next bar.

still a year and a half ago, I was also a line worker in a garment factory in china. Has been wandering outside for 7, 8 years, in retrospect, in addition to pain, nothing. Because the younger brother joins stationmaster, this line is earlier, although can not speak of earthshaking achievement. But in reality the Wangzhuan gathered some money. He saw me out again for so many years, or no results, it sincerely said "brother", you come back. As long as you try. At least more than you work outside, much better, mixed bowl of rice or can eat.

that night, I tossed and turned, and I lost sleep. I think the night second days went to the director there told him I want to resign. Because again that factory does the time to be quite long, the boss also can not bear me to walk. No way, I put my actual situation with the boss explained, I said that for your service for so many years, also should not let me do what I like. If you really can’t get along, I think you’ll welcome me back too. The boss saw that I was determined to leave and had no choice but to agree to my request. (feeling a bit off topic, pull away)

because 06 years later to learn typing, also be considered to be on the Internet bar. When I got home, my brother lost a HTML textbook and said, "look at this first.". I open a look at the original full text is e or something, look foolish eye, can understand this? (I graduated from junior high school, e the worst, oh laughed) could not have had to come slowly, I according to the book the label on a test of their effect. This is because a website based. It took me a month to make my first personal homepage. Later, with the help of my younger brother, I learned CSS, DW, FW and so on. The most important thing was to learn the program of "garbage station pronoun" dede. It was about half a year since I moved to my first station and moved into the server. This six months, I basically get up, than the chickens go to bed earlier than Miss late. Through these six months of review, I know that when you really want to do something, it is not as difficult as you think. Through this six months study, more exercise my perseverance, and from now on, I like the industry more.


website is up, but what’s the benefit of making a website?. Without profit, there is no passion (because of life), no motivation. In the second half of the year, I made 8 stops, and corn was the cheapest. Space is my brother’s own server is also free to me, so I want just how to flow up. In the premise of IP is King (because there is IP on behalf of the rich), I have learned a lot of website promotion methods, every day to the outdated, Admin5, Chinaz and other grassroots accumulation place to share, free to mention

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