Lessons learned from classified information station traffic drop from 1600 to 100 traffic

made a classified information network for more than 1 years in the past few days suddenly from more than 1600 down to only 100 traffic flow, included no less, because it must be the keyword ranking dropped! Let’s case analysis and planning scheme, how to do the optimization, hoping to put the key to continue


I am a novice, for the first time in the ADMIN5 bubble, will not write, but is a practical example, a novice may also have this problem, this article published today is to find a cause of strategy, the implementation of the two to see results, but the second step is a process, I will continue to give you the post to observe the effect of


website status:

did 1 years ago. The domain name is sdztb Shandong poster com positioning of the cities and counties of Shandong real estate, talent, used cars and other classified information, the basic station is the original classification information released by users (at the beginning of the new sites to do the next acquisition), Baidu included: History of 8930 2010-3-26 8930; 2010-3-19 9060; 2010-3-15 9090;

from the collection, this is still a few days down,

strategy for finding reasons:

; < title> keywords description website; perhaps the original keywords too many friends SITE site can see now, especially the key words of each city too much, for example site:jinan.sdztb.com (Ji’nan, just to see Kazakhstan, no page No. a) keywords, engage in the original Ji’nan talent, Ji’nan second-hand real.

title 8 inside Ji’nan, and similarly keywords and description, the keywords reduced in 20 of the time, only 2 regions, positioning the main keywords, right, second-hand housing, personnel several Baidu has not updated my station, see the effect after the update! And all the pages are described as I thought, this time in the change, feel if

updates the website so much that it’s easier to K

two; site classification information station, since the main keyword is "I", also is the key and content is not some inconsistent ah, before looking for relevant Post Bar program placed, but the server that it is best not to add this program, the forum has the meaning, the effect is not obvious.

so then removed, now I was planning this, in the classification of information inside add a: Post Bar, and put on the top Post Bar released classified information, who first published information see is Post Bar released, so the site on the one hand and on the other hand, the contents of the match. I intend to push Post Bar, enhance the user experience of


three; the most critical is the site from the erection to now did not promote, ha ha, the novice also don’t know how

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