12 CSS BUG solutions and techniques

CSS bug is the most troublesome problem in the layout. We need to look at different browsers in order to achieve consistent results. Unfortunately, competition among manufacturers has led to many problems. And IE6 and IE7 on a lot of problems, there are also very different. This is also included in a large number of technical documentation for 52CSS.com. The easy solution to CSS bug is the skill we must master. Now sort out the 12 most commonly used CSS BUG solutions and the CSS BUG class tip. I hope you can help me with your study and work. If you still have questions, you are welcome to visit 52CSS.com and search for relevant content.

one, for browser selector

these selectors will be very useful when you need to design CSS for a particular browser,.

IE6 and its lower version, this article by 52CSS.com finishing, reprinted, please indicate the source!

* HTML {}

IE7 and its lower version

* * HTML {}

: first-child+html {}

is for IE7


*: first-child+html {}

IE7 and contemporary browser

html> body{}

only contemporary browsers (IE7 does not apply)

html> /**/body{}

Opera9 and its lower version

html:first-child {}


html[xmlns*=" "] body:last-child {}

uses these selectors. Please put them in front of the style. For example:

, Example, Source, Code, [www.52css.com]#content-box, {width:, 300px; height:, 150px

, Example, Source, Code, [www.52css.com]*, HTML, #content-box, {width:, 250px,}

you can also refer to – CSS Hacks: browser specific selectors introduced

http://s.52css.com/article.asp? Id=635>?

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