3 minutes allows you to learn SEO optimization

talked about 1 minutes, not to let 3 minutes optimize the website, but let you know how to optimize the site. Just contact SEO, the feeling is very difficult thing, very mysterious, think of your professional network is not very understand, must compete with Baidu, Google such a strong company, but to see friends, should say is my teacher, he will be a net station row is before. I really believe that I am possible.

first talk about SEO, this is to let customers through the search engine to find your own station, to touch sales. Then we’ll have to study the search engines and get your station in front of you. Most of us came up through Baidu. Baidu search engine will have to study. Many people very sad is that their station Baidu does not include, or ranking lower, then I personally simple from the site to search engine SEO optimization, do a simple finishing. For beginners SEO optimization reference.

1: first of all, their own web site, in terms of web pages, it is best to design their own, do not go to other sites to download the page. This can give spider new sense, you can imagine, if the website is downloaded, what do you mean, you are tired of, not to mention the spider is so advanced animals. So the page is best designed when it’s on the web.

2: the domain name of the website, suggest general choice com, next the domain name of net, in domain name, the best is the phonetic alphabet that is related to the content of oneself website or English alphabet. If you can’t do it, take the first letter of each word, but generally do not recommend it.

3: space and space generally choose a relatively stable space station, don’t let your days open or other unexpected reasons, spider happy to visit you, your door is closed, is not. After the spider feedback to the server is not welcome him, or your station is not so safe, who dare to patronize ah, you can also invite the master after so? A joke, just want to let you find something more stable and secure server space.

4: after the website construction, you must submit these websites to you, regarding Baidu, Google and so on search engine submission website, this you submit by oneself. If you have time, you can submit it once a day. In general, a station, Google is a week, while Baidu takes 15 days to one month. During this period, you can leave your web site whatever you can leave behind your website. To speed up your site included.

5: the website included, we can often update your website content, so well, familiar with SEO know, once your keyword set, then do not arbitrarily modify. In this case, the website is easy to drop.

6: you can find some friends chain, preferably associated with their own industry, and Baidu snapshot of the new station, do friends chain exchange.

7: appropriate to increase their own chain. If appropriate, do blog or soft text camp >

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