2009 came persisted persisted persisted

introduce myself, my name is Ou Mingjun, 18 years old ID: soft white sand

2009, stick to it, stick to it, and stick to it.

why I published this article, because I give up too much, once working outside, the stations were sold, and a few are PR3, then contact the website soon, never check what PR, sell only regret, just know later sell connection can make money, I do make network (pull line kind) once, a team of hundreds of people, the company finally collapsed, several Wangzhuan is, I finally gave up, do not do, the results came back, I asked a line, now, how much income, he gave me a look back, 50 thousand. I am really shocked, if I insist that the lower Wangzhuan, will certainly follow me, he is a college student, I can at least earn tens of thousands. And I didn’t make any money when I went out.

In fact,

what are the same, adhere to the last person is sure to be successful, the Red Army hung a long march, most, if not insist, will not have Chinese, if the Chinese does not help Vietnam against the United States, now is not a red Chinese situation. The king said, "success requires sweat and tears.". Ma said: "today is very cruel, tomorrow is very cruel, the day after tomorrow is very good.". Others say that a successful businessman must close down at least 3 companies. In fact, they have reminded us that only by sticking to it can we succeed. As long as you are interested in the website, you should do it all the time. If you are not interested, you don’t have to look down.

a friend said he was out of love yesterday. He said he could not earn money by driving. I have such a evaluation of the network is not the most money making industry, is also the most profitable industry. The song "impulsive punishment" really reminded me whether I should think about anything to do, including investment, work, etc..

, let me say my own history,

a few months ago, I went to Guangdong Dongguan, my classmates will enter the factory, I didn’t get in, I think so, I will do, I casually into a company than do not pay into the factory, finally will starve to death, go to Shenzhen, then to my brother. Sum up: overestimate yourself.

I went to Shenzhen, the first thing is to let my brother to buy me a computer, I play online games, at least a month earn thousands, finally my brother did not buy, is indeed a wise choice, otherwise I wouldn’t be sitting at home to concentrate on our website. Sum up: money makes good money.

computer did not buy into, in no way, brother in the company have to hurry to find a job, feel a few years of online games, but also heard someone playing Warcraft January earn thousands of, finally found a paradise in the studio, where not how good, kind of dirty, do not eat well. A place to sleep is not good, last 1 days, did not do, can not stand the pain. Sum up: can not eat bitter.

later found a place where more people sold computers and played in Shenzhen

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