ndependent blogs have great potential for website optimization

we are using Baidu search a keyword, although can get a lot of results, but most of them are low quality content. Users usually need to change a few keywords or turn over several pages to get satisfactory results. The author thinks that such a problem is due to the search engine to enhance the user experience ceaselessly, plus the lack of high quality content, and Baidu’s own product content is higher and higher, Baidu also strengthen the quality of their products content. Sometimes we search some keywords, and the first screen is occupied by Baidu products. So many webmasters complain about Baidu, the interests of small and medium-sized owners can not be guaranteed, in fact, we have to think about their content, is not really able to help others solve the problem?. When a batch of personal websites and personal blog search engine out, as a webmaster we should not be pessimistic. Now, we’re thinking about choosing websites or blogs,


I think there is no clear line between personal websites and personal blogs. Because the blog and website is content to update, develop blog only competitive, blog here refers to the independent blog, does not refer to the common Sina NetEase Sohu this blog. An independent blog can be as big and full as the web site. Blogs tend to be more original, and their depth is better for solving user problems. Blog writing is also a huge industry, such as clothing, eating, sports, health and so on, more popular demand in the field of industry. In these industries, where the content is large enough, there is a need, then the commercial potential can be inspired. What we need to know now is how to operate an independent blog. According to my own experience, I would like to say, I hope readers understand a little.

1: independent blog content requires system professional

now we write blog at random, write what to write what, mixed, not classified, such experience is not good for the users, the search engine experience is not good, so I suggest before start a blog to have a very systematic planning. In the blog, a good column classification, should have clear tag tags, and each part of the detailed list, with their existing knowledge to interpret. For example, a shared parenting tutorial program, should from the shallower to the deeper planning, the chapter division against them one by one, and between the internal sections of each chapter, the knowledge points should be linked together, when a new visitors to the blog when it can be smoothly put all the knowledge system.

two: content statements should be consistent before and after

in the Bowen described things should be consistent, do not mix, just imagine that a person’s voice sounds good, if the process of speaking in the case of inconsistencies, credibility will immediately be pulled down. In the blog, if you were found before and after the point of view is not consistent, or some time ago, an article with the following article that contradictory, the user will feel that you have no real. What you don’t know well, you’d better not

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