Experience of operation of sunshine bus Pioneer Network


site runs in phases, early, mid, late

early stage mainly is perfect website content, website function, provides the website flow primarily, establishes the brand form to supplement.

metaphase mainly is to perfect the website function, expand the brand popularity primarily, and sell the product as auxiliary.

later mainly to stable brand awareness, with a variety of promotional activities to expand product sales mainly.

in this middle, the website profit pattern is the website, the enterprise survival most important link. Today’s society is no longer "wine is good, not afraid of the alley deep" era. Wine is good, but also need someone to understand wine, wine tasting. In the era of pioneering networks, how should the sunshine bus Pioneer Network go out? The sunshine bus Pioneer Network has launched the national pioneering support model.

sunshine bus pioneer network business support mode, business program, lifelong free follow-up service, sunshine bus shop system three most.

Programme (Entrepreneurship): provides detailed business initiatives and information for sunshine bus start-up members.

Services Free Follow-up (Lifelong): provides the lifetime bus free follow-up information, business planning, member platform communication services for the sunshine bus venture members.

sun bus (Sunbus Online Shop System online store system): shop system for sunshine bus industry entrepreneurial members provide free sun bus developed by the independent domain name, independent space, support member to achieve online business success.

sunshine bus pioneering network of this entrepreneurial support model, unlike all other startups, is the first domestic initiative. Other startups provide entrepreneurs with simple guidance articles for starting projects and start-ups, or providing projects for start-ups. The sunshine bus business network not only for entrepreneurs to provide business projects, business consulting, and business guidance, follow-up information, free of charge for business planning, communication service platform for members to provide free membership, and developed by sun bus independent domain name, independent space industry shop system.

website promotion is a very important link in the website operation, filling in the website enterprise survival and development of all links. What are the elements of website promotion,


1. Content is king

the content of the website, website operators in all colleagues are aware, the content of a web site is very important, that had a heated discussion in the large web site director of the group, in the end is that content is king, or King flow. I think the content is king, traffic priority.

Why does

say that content is king? People who do web sites know that your website page is so beautiful and traffic is too high

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