3 years old webmaster experience see you have not met

unconscious webmaster has been 3 years, and some need time to expose, in here want to give new station chief remind, the province in eating me such a loss. Of course, if you do not have long-term plans to do stand, you can not see, because this is a long time will encounter problems.

problem 1: program selection

grew up because the new multi choice is space, but the technology is not high, limited space is also troublesome, so began a lot of ACCESS database webmaster, choose this, trouble came, the first ACCESS top few people? The official statement is 10W, but according to do stand friends experience up to thousands of registered users. Immediately hung up, you see, even if you are a collection of content, the average person, a person with 10 articles on the small 10W data, according to the normal development, that is to say you stand no one better, more than IP3000, basically to the critical point, and then you can transfer SQL database, or pay or master, help for the new owners did not have money technology, delete the program again into most of the choice.

question 2: domain name

see that you may think is my new network domain name directly, nets, no problem, but you can not, after a few years when you renew your agent? Can’t find it, how to do? I have encountered this problem recently, a 3 year old registered domain name, suddenly find the agent, when Taobao registered, call the new network company, good company, I give the agent phone, then I check check ah, finally traced to the agent, and renew, but not normal renewal price much higher, com to 60, no way, only to be killed. When he is 100, also have to ah, don’t you stop? Then need to transfer a domain name, elsewhere not money, the proxy to 300 transfer fee, very dark? I’m not here, but if you really need it, too Yes, no way. People have to bow under the eaves. Here I despise under the new network, dedicated telephone consultation, there is no penalty for agent complaints, that is to say the agent to help you registered a domain name, he will renew is how much money, how much his transfer fee is how much the transfer fee, the new network company can, you complain, even against him, most give you the domain name from the agent to another agent only, without any penalty for black agents, so the brothers find good agents must be registered, I in order to solve this problem, a new network to your registered agent, I see how he black me, brothers to register can also find I qq113900176 com, newly registered 35, is a new network last month for the price of 46 renewals, transfer free, free to go.

problem 3: server selection point

wake up in the morning, the site hung up, sleep in the middle of the night, users call, the site hung up, take a look at it, such a situation, I believe most of the webmaster are accustomed to it?

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