China’s e commerce model needs to be innovated

China’s current e-commerce models are: B2B, B2C, C2C, these three, also heard that there is a what B2G model…

Oh, I’m never so cold about these new words, I feel bored.

has recently been considering the future direction: what is the future trend of e-commerce? Alibaba will lead the future of e-commerce development leader? What do our latecomers need to do to catch up?

I just like to think about it, and occasionally I get a few sparks of thought". However, in the end, or deny their own ideas.

since contacting the e-commerce profession, I think it has become a part of my life. Although I do not have my own e-commerce site, although I am still a small shrimp….

e-commerce has just started, we need this generation, and even future generations to explore.

whether successful or not, e-commerce needs innovation!

I have a dream, in the future to make e-commerce career, but never imitate other people’s model;

I have a dream to integrate e-commerce into everyone’s life: eating, dressing, housing, traveling…

I have a dream. Everyone who reads this article will be successful! ^_^

(expert, please help me look at my small grass eclogite community, why Baidu K?)

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