Medium and small stationmaster wants to win in China five promotion effect is the last word

for small and medium-sized webmaster, website content is the foundation of development, without rich features of the search engine can not get the favor, and won’t win the favor of the user. So, how to make the most effective website resources to maximize the value of it? So we come to today’s topic, "small and medium owners to win in China: the promotion effect is the last word."". The promotion effect we mentioned here is not invalid user clicks, but refers to the conversion rate of users after promotion and the effect of intercepting users. Many small and medium-sized webmaster in the website construction is finished, began to time-consuming consumption of promotion, but how many can be successfully converted into effective promotion?. Thus, this paper makes the following discussion:

1: promotion strategy planning

website promotion must have a promotion strategy, promotion strategy is not blindly just like a fly without head like flying, a complete set of strategies can also be the webmaster save more time and energy to achieve a multiplier effect. Whether it is the promotion of the chain, or website publicity, must be prerequisite to do a plan. To know yourself every day for the number of effective high quality Links, and increase the number of the chain is the most suitable, what kind of promotion is the most effective marketing promotion, how can more accurately find their own website user groups, and how successful will be transformed into effective promotion. So they formed a promotion strategy, and then every day promotion tasks go on regularly.

two: promotion target positioning

in the strategic planning, promotion goals are undoubtedly ranked first. As a webmaster, you need to know what your website is for what kind of users to see, and what kind of crowd needs the resources it provides. For example: "in the website early I mainly for the promotion of your search engine, this time my goal is the search engine, so important is the rapid increase of the chain, so that the spider to patronize. So I will use the soft text published in the webmaster network, and then by a large number of websites reprinted. My purpose was thus achieved. This time for the flow is not increased, but the rapid collection and recognition of search engines." After the website has been collected, what I want to do is to improve the website’s right to speak in the topic of the corresponding website. What is the right to speak? To master more users, at this time, the goal of the website promotion is the user. So, whether it is in the early or late stage of the website, the promotion target is essential. Of course, there is a more detailed division, for example, the different occupations of the crowd is a different target positioning.

three: promotion channel positioning

promotion channels determine the conversion rate of your promotion effect, reduce invalid clicks, and increase the access of effective users (valid users here refer to the demand users). So, the importance of locating a channel that fits into the subject category of the website and looks for more effective users is obvious. A specific example can tell you all: if the webmaster is a QQ station, then it is better to

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