Does your title length conform to the specifications

a few days ago I wrote two articles: "answer the questions. The trunk can be displayed lush" tree "" "Google website optimization answer record", received or very good, there are a lot of friends have asked me some questions about the site, it makes me feel very excited. It can help every webmaster who needs it, and I’ve always wanted to do something, so today I write a question about a friend of mine who asked me yesterday, and he asked, "


he searched the domain name of his website and found that the search results contained the title"… "Such symbols, I do not know if this is not the site of a problem, and somewhat confused. At first I didn’t understand what he was talking about until he cut the following picture for me before I knew what he was talking about.


as shown in the picture above, the initial part of the search results turned out to be.."…" Such a symbol, because the friend has never encountered the same problem, but also think that their site is down right, so in the group to ask me for help. I also told him very definitely that this is a very normal phenomenon in search engines, and there is no need to worry about it.

This is because

so what caused this situation? The search engine is good in the end? The next blog Xiong Wei will give you about search engine (Baidu) some tips about the title of the article, let everyone in the same problem when not panicked children.

search results page title length

may have some friends already know, but here I tell you what, in the Baidu search results page, all displayed information Title length will not exceed 30 Chinese characters, so that everyone in the arrangement of their website content, to not more than 30 times and take the title Chinese characters.

!Two cases where

headers are too long


know the length of the title should not be more than 30 Chinese characters, but we are often unavoidable in the actual process of the station will be above the title of the article is stretched to 30 Chinese characters, this may be because the title itself factors so long, also may be because the factor of website program Title calling code inside. But in either case, when the title goes beyond 30 characters, the following two things appear on Baidu’s search results page:

the first kind is the situation that the netizen puts forward in the previous paragraph, at the beginning of the title of the result page"…" Symbol。

also has a situation that does not appear at the beginning of the title, but at the end, as shown in figure


produces two emotions

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