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current issue: 100 degree Marketing Manager Yang Xu

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1, website background

Fang Qingbin: welcome to Mr. Yang Xu’s business interview (www.citymetre.com). First of all, please introduce Mr. Yang to the 100 degree.


Yang Xu:

            friends, Hello, heat media by senior domestic advertising professionals and internet professionals jointly founded in Beijing, Shanghai has two branches. The heat media’s 100 degree network (www.100du.com) is China enjoy the largest city consumption rich media information website. Business video broadcast platform of 100 degrees of pleasure with "cn.msn.com, sina.com.cn, hexun.com, Tianya, online.sh.cn, smgbb" and other well-known portals, IPTV hotel service providers "Juyou network, with easy -" together to create, provide coverage of the work place, travel site network promotion services affiliate. And then through the 100 degree "3 km preferential alliance" business model, for high-end fashion consumption place to bring real high-quality tourists.


2007 at the end of the year, 100 degrees of pleasure network with its precise visualization of city life services and good business model, won the "Internet Weekly" award of the 2007 business website 100 award, as well as "the most promising video website" award, and won the first stage of venture capital investment, risk.


More than

is an overview of 100 degree entertainment companies and teams. Thank you, Mr. Fang, and your colleagues in the industry,


two, interview dialogue


1, entrepreneurship and financing,


Fang Qingbin: Thank you, Mr. Yang. Let’s begin the conversation.

            at present, the city life service website has been very much, 100du based on what reason to choose this piece as an entrepreneurial project?


Yang Xu: in 2006,

Youtube, Vidilife fully confirms the power of Internet video over the same period, the local life search service is that the impact of polymerization A new force suddenly rises., network + Video + rich consumer information, constitute our business blueprint.

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