18 months to earn 400 million U S edition today’s headlines how to miss Google 200 million U S dol


Last week the

network transmission Tencent $8 billion acquisition of today’s headlines, then Zhang Yiming denied, it can be seen that the hot degree of headlines, today saw the glorious headlines today, knife brother remembered her ancestor – DIGg, two Digg contrast, really sad.



today, the main character of the article is Kevin · Ross (Kevin Rose), his masterpiece is news aggregation website Digg.

may be a lot of people have on this site is unknown, but at that time, the site temporarily, can understand the Digg just 12 years ago the U.S. version of today’s headlines.

Digg has put forward some advanced ideas, these concepts have been in Facebook, Twitter and Reddit body has been a perfect interpretation. All of these services are based on the Digg core’s social news sharing concept, including today’s headlines today.

Digg has rejected many offers, such as

news group wanted to bid $60 million to buy the company.

, former US Vice President Al Gore, has also considered making his Current TV buy Digg.

Google nearly $200 million acquisition of Digg transaction ultimately failed.

Digg Chinese translated as "Digg", everybody at the Digg editor and critic plays a variety of roles, information according to the public vote to select. Only when readers support and acknowledge the same news and gather enough people by voting can the news stand out on Digg.com’s homepage.

is now opening Digg’s Web site, and users and new owners are giving the founder a face lift, recommending Ross’s new project, The Journal, on the home page.

game player but has changed hands, Ross has become the people cherish the memory of the tragic hero.


Digg is the most brilliant time is 2006, but the gold period lasted only 2 years, when the Digg peak of Aleax ranking (website ranking query) to 100, has now dropped out after 1000 in the world, experienced people sigh.


$2000 started off students, fame overshadowed Zuckerberg

Ross was born in California, USA in 1977. >

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