Ali in the eyes of O2O business ecosystem breaking and reconstruction

this article from Ali group O2O brand leader in February 19, 2014 CITIC Securities "Internet O2O" seminar speech.


, four steps from strategy, O2O

Professor Zeng, when training in our internal executives, including O2O training, tell us what is called strategy. Strategy has a lot to learn from all our planning and thinking, as well as the future of doing things. Professor Zeng told us about strategy when it was divided into four steps:

, the first step is final. The end is wrong, all is wrong, because the direction will be wrong. The reason why Alibaba today developed into such a large company, because 13 years ago, Ma Yun proposed that the future of e-commerce will change all aspects of the world, 14. Although at that time, this sentence is Bill ·, Gates said, but because of 14 years ago, the final thinking, only today, Alibaba turned.

the second step is layout. In order to conclude, what are we going to do? Talking about the layout, tell a case: We recently acquired the entire map of the high moral map, because the map is the most basic, the most core of the O2O industry. High moral map of the past has a lot of information to eat and drink, but for the most core brand O2O field, for example, you see GXG, ZARA and many other offline brands, the past did not appear on the map.

With the progress of our

O2O strategy, in 2014 all the millions of world-class brand stores have to line up, then all the strategies include marketing, will be based on the map, High German map of the whole value will be turned several times, so we all acquired high moral map. In the future O2O strategy, every industry related to the core value of O2O will become a very important investment hotspot. Acquisition of high moral map is about the layout.

, the third step is positioning. How do consumers recognize our platform and our strategy?. In Ali, we believe that the core is: all consumers and businesses look at Ali as business and e-commerce as the core platform, which is our position. In the future, we will help all businesses solve business problems. Later I will say that our strategy has changed from e-commerce to e-commerce, and the difference between me will be mentioned later.

the fourth step is strategy. What are the ways we need to go about what we’re going to do? What are the ways, the steps, and the steps that we’re going to follow? This is the way we think about making all our products in-house.

in our whole thinking, O2O is the next 3-5 years, the industry is very critical strategy. But here, to tell you an unfortunate news, O2O is not the end of the industry as a whole, and the future of O2O and the entire e-commerce industry comes from the commercial end. If you want to be thorough, the future is C2B. From the earliest C2C>

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